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Prof. Annie Chacko

Head of Department, Associate Professor

Computer Science & Engineering


Area of Specialization

Data Mining, Networking

Date of Joining


Educational Qualifications:

Ph.D(Data Mining-Pursiung)
M.E(Computer Science & Engineering)
B.Tech (Information Technology)

Previous Experience:

Teaching: 10 Years, 10 Months

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Monitoring the department in an effective manner
  2. Chairman-Disciplinary Action Committee
  3. Chairman- Comprehensive Exam
  4. Organized
  • 1 day- Seminar,
  • 1 day- Knowledge Enhancement Programme,
  • 2 days IoT Workshop in association with ISTE
  • 5 days- FDP,
  • 7 days STTP,
  • 5 days- Training Programme
  • 2days IoT Workshop


Journal Publications
  1.  Annie Chacko,M .Sadish, Dr. S Karthik "Consistency Maintenance Of Continuous queries In Unstructured overlay network" International Journal of Advanced Research in Computers science and Electronics Engineering  Vol. 1, Issue 4, June 2012
  2. Abel Joy, Annie Chacko " Survey of Management of PHR by secure cipher text policy attributes based encryption scheme“International Journal of science and Technology research Vol. 3, Issue 4, March 2014. 
  3. Reshma G Nair, Benazeer Hassan, Annie Chacko “Analysis of intelligent System Based on sensor fusion” International journal of science and engineering studies, Vol.2 Issue 2, February 2015 
  4. Rosy Babu,Neethu MT, Annie Chacko, “Literature Survey of water security for android apps” International journal of innovative science engineering and technology, Vol 3 Issue 3 march 2016 
  5. Anna N Kurian, Annie Chacko,”A secure data self- destructing scheme in cloud computing” Vol.3 Issue 8 February 2017
  6. Aibymol Varghese,Hepsy Mariam Thomas, Jisha Anie Jiji, Neenu Anna Koshy, Annie Chacko, "Chattra-Chat Application using Language Translator", Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, 288-291, 2019
  7. Annie Chacko, A Antoni Doss,Reshma Sherin Jacob,"Implementation of ensemble classification method for detecting known and unknown web attacks" in TEST Engineering and Management, 2020


  1. Presented Paper on International Conference EMICS 12 on "Poll approach Of Continuous queries In Unstructuredoverlay network".
  2. Presented Paper on National Conference NCVCC 12 on "A non-Parametric Iterative mixture Kernal based imputation algorithm for imputing missing values".
  3. Presented Paper on International Conference CPBI 12 on "Consistency maintenance of Continuous Queries in Unstructured overlay network".
  4. Presented paper on National Conference on Advances in Smart Computing and Data Science(NCASCD-’19) on "A Survey on Ensemble Classification Method for Detecting Known and Unknown Web Attacks.” 




Research Interest

 Data Mining, Networking


 Got 9.14% in ME CSE under Anna University, Chennai

Established IoT Research Lab in February 2019


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