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Centre for Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering(C-RiSE)
The Centre for Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering (C-RiSE) identifies opportunities and strategies for enhancing MBCCET’s research endeavors and its status as a prominent research institution.


Aim and Objectives

  •     To create an excellent educational environment through frontline researches and interdisciplinary research collaborations
  •     To Support funding for research projects and review the research proposals for utilizing external funding opportunity
  •     To coordinate conference, symposium, and workshop to promote research culture among the stake holders
  •     To conduct cutting- edge researches to develop new academic and technological fields
  •     To discover new fact-based principles and rules in natural phenomena to create new technologies
  •     To conduct researches that contribute to the development of human resources & the societal needs

Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research
The college is committed to producing and promoting research and scholarship of the highest quality, devoid of plagiarism of any sort and other unethical practices while trying to allow academic freedom and innovative thinking. The college instructs its teachers and students to abide by the highest standards of integrity in their conduct of academic research and/or support to academic research activities and they have to conform to the following:

  • No form of plagiarism is allowed in the college. Plagiarism may be of various kinds such as claiming another’s paper as one’s own, copying or paraphrasing substantial parts of another’s work without due acknowledgement and claiming credit for another’s research and so on.
  • Plagiarism check-tool is made available to all faculty to check research documents connected with research and manuscripts to journals. Every student of the institute pursuing degree has to check his/her final project report using Plagiarism Checker X or Grammarly before submission.
  • While conducting conferences/seminars/workshops, the faculties must examine the veracity of submissions.
  • The author should emphasize proper acknowledgment in the presentation and the publication of manuscripts. Authorship should be awarded to those persons who have made an original and significant contribution to the conceptualization, design, execution, and interpretation of the published work.
  • It is inappropriate and unacceptable to submit extracts from research to more than one publisher unless such action has been approved by the editors of each publication or multiple submissions is the acceptable standard practice in the specific discipline.


No: MBC/ADM/C-RiSE/2019/01                                                                                                                                                                              Date: 25-03-2019

The Research Advisory Committee for C-RiSE is constituted with the following faculty members

Sl No. Name Designation Phone No & Email ID
1 Dr. Pradeep C.
Chairman   (+91) - 9447661355
2 Dr. Anoop K.J
Dean- Academics
Convener   (+91) - 8870270077
3 Dr. Chithra V.S
Associate Professor - CE
Coordinator   (+91) - 8943943183
4 Dr. Nirmala Joseph
Dean- Student Affairs
Member   (+91) - 9446856914
5 Dr. Roja Abraham Raju
Member   (+91) - 9447349195
6 Dr. Manoj Nallanathel
Member   (+91) - 9884609295
7 Dr. Anoop T.R
Associate Professor, ECE
Member   (+91) - 8589901806
8 Dr. Teena Joseph
Associate Professor, CSE
Member   (+91) - 9497530357
9 Prof. K. Kanchana
Associate Professor, EEE
Member   (+91) - 9444189111
10 Prof. Asha R.S.
Associate Professor, ECE
Member   (+91) - 7561857909
11 Prof. Abdul Rehman
Assistant Professor, ME
Member   (+91) - 9176492110
12 Prof. Rahul Ajithkumar
Assistant Professor, CSE
Member   (+91) - 8289835752


Faculty Research / Structure

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