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 The MBC College of Engineering and Technology has enrolled as Life Institutional Members in Institution of Engineers (India) and Functioning its activity to associated with IE(I) Kochi Local Centre.

Institution  Membership No


The Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI] is a statutory body to promote and advance the engineering and technology, established in 1920 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. It is the largest multi-disciplinary professional body of engineers encompassing 15 (fifteen) engineering disciplines with a membership of more than 820 thousand, and serving the nation for more than 9 decades. The IEI has its headquarters located in Kolkata with national presence through more than hundred Centres and several Overseas Chapters, Foras and Organ.

The Institution was granted Royal Charter On September 9, 1935 by his Majesty the King and Emperor George V, which was a momentous event in the annals of Engineering Industry and education in India. The Royal Charter endowed the Institution with the responsibility to promote the general advancement of engineering amongst members and persons attached to the Institution. IEI has been recognized as Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and besides conducting its own research, provides Grant-in-Aid to UG/PG/ PhD students of Engineering Institutes & Universities.

The Institution of Engineers (India) is a first professional body to represent India in several International Bodies, such as the World Mining Congress (WMC), the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), the Commonwealth Engineers’ Council (CEC), the Federation International du Beton (fib), and the Federation of Engineering Institutions of South and Central Asia (FEISCA). It also has bilateral agreements with a number of professional societies across the globe.

IEI holds the International Professional Engineers (IntPE) Register for India under the global International Professional Engineers Alliance (IntPEA). The Institution also wards the Professional Engineers (PE) Certification.

The Institution of Engineers (India) is a pioneer body to introduce, starting from 1928, continuing engineering education programme, successful completion of which is recognized as equivalent to a degree in engineering by the Government of India, the Union Public Service Commission, the State Governments and many Public / Private Sector organizations in the country. The Institution of Engineers (India), with its headquarters in Kolkata, India, is administered by a National Council with the President of IEI as its Head.

The Institution of Engineers (India) Students’ Chapter MBC College of Engineering and Technology, Peer made, Idukki. Regd: ECSC/685531/MBCC/474702/481176(N) 63-01, 6-02,33-03,176-04 was inaugurated on 15th March 2018.

The MBC College of Engineering and Technology comprises following Students’ Chapter

  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

All the Technical activities are scheduled to conduct under the above chapter in every academic year. The membership forms and cards are available in


Chairman  Dr. Pradeep C Principal
Secretary  Prof.R.Griesh
. Treasurer  Prof. Rojin Mathews
Member and Advisor- Institutional Activitie E Dr. Roja Abraham Raju, HOD M
Member and Student Advisor- Dept. of Civil Eng.  Prof. Bobeena George
Member and Student Advisor- Dept. of Computer Science Eng.  Prof Ushus Maria Joseph
Member and Student Advisor- Dept. of Electronics and Communication Eng.  Prof Anu Mary Mathew
Member and Student Advisor- Dept. of Mechanical Eng.  Prof. Rojin Mathews
Member and Student Advisor- Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Eng Prof .R. Griesh


Details of Faculty IE(I) Membership

Sl.NO Name Of Faculty Designation Membership No
1. Dr. Pradeep C Principal F-1236748
Sl.NO Name Of Faculty Designation Membership No
1 Prof.Robins Anto Associate Professor M-163051-7
2 Dr. Roja Abraham Raju Associate Professor M-163285-4
3 Prof. Elias Janson K Associate Professor M164428-3
4 Prof. R.Griesh Assistant Professor M-159703-5
5 Prof. Ushus maria Joseph Assistant Professor M-163042-8
6 Prof.Manikandan S Assistant Professor M-163311-7
7 Prof. Bobeena George Assistant Professor M-164866-1
8 Prof. Biju Chacko Assistant Professor M-162150-5
Sl.NO Name Of Faculty Designation Membership No
1 Dr. Anoop K.J Dean AM-1213086
2 Dr. Chithra V S Associate professor AM183591-5
3 Prof.Fini Fathima Assistant Professor AM149276-7
4 Prof. Dhanesh J Danam Assistant Professor AM183593-1
5 Rojin Mathews Assistant Professor AM183191-5
6 Prof. Prasanth K G Assistant Professor AM183587-7
7 Prof.Maria Joseph Assistant Professor AM 186855-4
8 Prof. Anu Mary Mathew Assistant Professor AM-186416-8
9 Prof. Almaria Joseph Assistant Professor AM186854-6
10 Prof. Susan M. George Assistant Professor  



Sl No Title View Details
1 Seminar on Cyber Crime Awareness
2 Opportunities and Challenges in Engineering
3 Engineers’ Day Celebration
4 EEE Association Day with IE(I) Students’ Chapter
5 Technical Quiz Conducted By MBC Students’ Chapter –CSE Department
6 Poster Competition conducted on “World Water Day”
7 General Engineering Quiz on Engineers Day


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