Civil Engineering

Department Profile


B.Tech. in Civil Engineering  : No of Seats:  60

The educational objectives of the department are;

To educate students in the application of mathematics, science, and engineering principles for solving civil engineering problems.

To develop students’ analytical, industrial and technical skills requires for an engineer to excel in his career.

Prepare engineering graduates to solve open ended problems, Instil in our graduates an understanding of professional ethics and the relationship between the engineering profession and the society.


Our vision is to become a nationally known Department of Civil Engineering that is recognized for its outstanding education, research, and outreach programs, and is renowned for the high quality of its graduates.


The mission is to provide students with a sound civil engineering education, advance the understanding and application of civil engineering principles, enhance economic development of the State, and improve the quality of life of our citizens through teaching, research, and related programs.


The Department currently has thirteen faculty members. Faculty members are highly qualified and exposed in specialized areas. Faculty research interest spans a wide range like, Design of Concrete Structures Design of steel Structures, Strength of Materials, Engineering Mechanics, Estimation and Costing, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Structures, Construction Engineering. Materials and Management, Design and Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Surveying, Structural Dynamics, Prestressed Concrete, Reinforced soil, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering.

Laboratory Facilities

The Department have modern laboratory to serve the teaching and research needs of the students and faculty. The laboratory facilities include Advanced Geotechnical Laboratory,  Material Testing Lab I, Material Testing Lab II, Surveying Practical I, Surveying Practical II, Computer Aided Design and Drafting Lab, Transportation Engineering Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab. The faculty and students have complete access to all laboratory facilities.