Science and Humanities


To develop engineering graduates who are capable for skillfully designing and implementing practical solutions to meet the ever changing societal challenges of today and tomorrow. To explore and excel to create new pathways for innovation in education and research. The art of engineering here facilitates an effective delivery of high quality content by qualified faculty members with enthusiasm. To inculcate the professional graduates towards socio-economic progress of the nation. Activities and plans designed to implement the mission and vision of the same are evaluated periodically and changed as necessary. This dynamic nature and adaptability enables the institution to meet the needs of the entire student body.



To train the students for the interdisciplinary engineering research and advanced problem solving skills. To provide an excellent and accessible education where every student is getting a chance to explore the real world challenges. To foster the students towards innovative research and practical solutions by promoting creativity, lifelong learning and community engagement. To emphasis on professional and personal growth of each student. To transfer new vistas of knowledge in the area of engineering and technology through scholarly activities. The mission aims to fulfill the educational needs of a culturally diverse student group by achieving excellence in the entire streams of academics.


Educational Objectives of the Department

To educate students in the application of science, and engineering principles for solving problems. To develop students’ analytical, industrial and technical skills requires for an engineer to excel in his career. Prepare graduates to solve open ended problems, Instil in our graduates an understanding of professional ethics and the relationship between the engineering profession and the society.


Long-Range Goals

Establish a new paradigm for engineering education that emphasizes interdisciplinary/ track/ education programs. Increase interaction and collaboration with industry. Improve the Science & Humanities Department’s infrastructure to facilitate research productivity and achievements.