Centre for Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering

The Centre for Research Initiatives in Science and Engineering (C- RiSE) identifies opportunities and strategies for enhancing MBCCET’s research endeavors and its status as a prominent research institution.

Aim and Objectives

To create an excellent educational environment through frontline researches and interdisciplinary research collaborations
To Support funding for research projects and review the research proposals for utilizing external funding opportunity
To coordinate conference, symposium, and workshop to promote research culture among the stake holders
To conduct cutting- edge researches to develop new academic and technological fields
To discover new fact-based principles and rules in natural phenomena to create new technologies
To conduct researches that contribute to the development of human resources & the societal needs

Faculty Research

Faculty members are encouraged to do their PhD in their fields of studies, publications in national and international level and R&D projects.


S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. P.P.Joby , Dean -PRI Chief Advisor
2 Dr. Nirmala Joseph, Dean – Student Affairs Advisor
3 Dr. Nivin Philip, HoD/CE Advisor
4 Mr. Ajith Kuriakose Mani, AP/ME Centre Head
5 Ms. Sheelu Mariam Punnose Member
6 Ms. Jisha Mariyam John, AP/CSE Member
7 Ms. Bintomol Baby, AP/ECE Member
8 Ms. Rinu Susan Roy, AP/EEE Member
9 Mr. Manikandan, AP/ME Member