Centre for innovative Technology and Entrepreneurship


The Centre for innovative Technology and Entrepreneurship of MBCCET wishes to foster innovation driven entrepreneurship among the faculty and students through mentoring and training. This inter-disciplinary initiative will provide opportunities to blend passions with the support, structure, and resources to address challenging problems with innovative ideas and researchers to launch new products and commercialize new technologies.
CiTE  will undertake research and development projects based on individual or joint proposals from the students of MBCET in collaboration with industries, business establishments, National and International Organizations.

" MBC has been recognized as an IEDC Centre by Kerala Startup Mission on 09.12.2016. "

The objectives of  the Centre are:
•    Foster innovation among the stakeholders
•    Promote and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship
•    Facilitate networking with professional resources, which include mentors, experts, consultants/ advisors and entrepreneurs 
•    Identify technologies/innovations which have potential for commercial ventures
•    Provide opportunities for innovators to develop products/ services
•    Assist the innovators to acquire patents
•    To conduct market studies nod feasibility studies related to innovative products
•    Engage in research leading to introduction of innovative products
•    Arrange seed capital for entrepreneurs
•    Facilitate Venture Capital Funding


1.    Chief Advisor                           - Dr. Pradeep C. Principal
2.    Advisor                                    - Dr. P. P. Joby, Dean-PRI
3.    Centre Head                            - Prof. Arjun Hari M, Asst. Professor, ECE
4.    Members                                  - Ms. Jessy Vijayan, AP/CE
                                                           Ms. Soumya Sara Koshy, Asst. Professor, CSE
                                                           Mr. Prasanth K G, AP/EEE
                                                           Mr. Geethos Ninan, Asst. Professor, ECE 
                                                           Mr. Rojin Mathews, AP/ME